kopenhagen --> fusion anyone ???

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kopenhagen --> fusion anyone ???

Beitrag von pribbarm » Mo 23. Mai 2016, 12:27

hey folks,

after one year erasmus in norway the fusion will be my personal welcome-back gift and i was thinking about visiting kopenhagen on the way the weekend before.
sooo, is there anybody driving from kopenhagen to lärz with a spare seat by any chance?? would be way too awesome!! 8-)
the chances are low, i know, but what i also know is that there are definitely some danish people around at fusion, met them before... ;)

anyways, see you all in a couple of days!! :D

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Re: kopenhagen --> fusion anyone ???

Beitrag von jivi » Sa 11. Jun 2016, 12:57

hey man! ill also be coming from Copenhagen, if you find something please let me know!

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Re: kopenhagen --> fusion anyone ???

Beitrag von skogsrå » Sa 11. Jun 2016, 15:32

Malmö i could offer... Two seats... Monday evening till tuesday evening