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Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Mo 7. Jan 2019, 16:56
von CVirus
Good day everyone,

The coming Fusion is going to be my first one ever. I live in Berlin and was planning to come via public transportation + my bicycle. I'll have a huge 90L backpack + bike pannier bags on my bicycle rear rack (so I can't walk a lot or cycle a lot). What is my best option to get to Fusion?

I was thinking of taking the train to Neustrelitz and then cycle from there to Fusion which is about 2 hours of cycling.

Are there other options that someone can suggest?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Re: Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Mo 7. Jan 2019, 18:57
von Juppes09
My advice is to travel light and cycle all the way, perhaps in 2 or 3 days. Its around 115 km from Berlin to Lärz.

Trains from Berlin to Neustrelitz on wednesday and thursday are generally completely overcrowded. Its not much fun with a huge Bag + a bike.

It is doable since its only one hour by train to Neustrelitz but be prepared for seriously overcrowded trains.

Re: Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Di 8. Jan 2019, 18:53
von CVirus
I'm not fit at all to cycle for 115KM :D + I got work.

My two main questions are:

1) Is it safe and easy to cycle from Neustrelitz to fusion?

2) Is there another place I can go to from Berlin instead of Neustrelitz that would make my life easier reaching fusion cycling?

Re: Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Mo 14. Jan 2019, 17:32
von 590ca18b554
I cycled to many festivals (with more or less train ride). I can guarantee you don't want to be in these trains.
Even in normal trains you will have trouble with a fully loaded bike.

My first advise is get rid of unnecessary stuff! You need much less than you think.
Second - NO BACKPACK! Your back and especially your ass will thank me later. Pack everything in bike packs or on top of the rear.
Third - train at least a bit beforehand and tweak your bike. Nearly a week of festival won't be fun with back or knee pain. Pack everything on the bike and see how its feels. If needed seek for help.
Fourth - the direct path is nearly never the best with a packed bike. Check the route and its profile. Search for good bike paths. Sometimes 10km more will save you stress and power.
Fifth - take it slow and use to ride to relax and have a nice time.

I can provide more information if needed - check lists, routes, tools, equipment etc. just write me a PM.


Re: Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Sa 16. Feb 2019, 01:38
von CVirus
I'm a bit confused now.. Doesn't fusion festival have a camping ground? My backpack will mainly contain my tent + my needs for the week. So I won't be carrying the bag with me all the time once I put down my tent. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

Re: Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Do 21. Feb 2019, 13:34
von MadCyborg
Of course there is a camping ground..

As mentioned before, the trains to Neustrelitz will be absolutely crowded. I'd never consider to get on one of these with more than a backpack.
I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking about going to Wittstock and cycle from there. In theory (from the map) it is shorter and on quieter roads. This way one can avoid the crowds heading for the shuttle buses in Neustrelitz.

Re: Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Sa 2. Mär 2019, 01:58
von Bollek
As MadCyborg mentioned, it's better to take a not crowded train from Berlin to Wittstock/Dosse and go the rest of the way by bike. A really nice tour for max. 1,5 h and a quiet diversion before the fusion rocket launches ;)

Re: Cycling to fusion

Verfasst: Sa 2. Mär 2019, 15:01
von CVirus
Thank you so much ... I'll go with your plan then.

Thanks again!