Staying in a caravan ?

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Staying in a caravan ?

Beitrag von mraleki » Di 19. Feb 2019, 07:40

Dear fusionists...

I am attending the festival with 3 friends for the first time, we were thinking of renting a caravan and maybe setting a tent or two inside, but I was questioning that is there a place to park the caravan at the festival grounds? and how far is it from that parking area to the camping area and the festival area ? Any advise on this situation is appreciated

Thanks for your help

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Re: Staying in a caravan ?

Beitrag von ifindoubtlove » Mi 20. Feb 2019, 09:58

On the festival site there are parts reserved only for tents and parts that are open for tents and cars. In the latter you can park any kind of car, no matter how big. That is if you arrive early enough, like on Wednesday. After this it´s possible that there is no free space left and you have to park your car on the runway outside the festival site. This would be a 5 - 15 min. walk to the stages, depending on how far from an entrance you have to park.

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Re: Staying in a caravan ?

Beitrag von deg0nz » Mi 20. Feb 2019, 13:25

ifindoubtlove is right. It's recommended to arrive as soon as possible if you have a big caravan.
Fortunately, the fusion crew did a great job last year and added a very detailed plan of the fusion area to openStreetMaps. You can look at the whole Festival ground here: ... ers=B000TT

Everything from C1 to D5 is usually camping WITH car and caravan and mobile home.