Markus looking for the Girl from Amsterdam/luggage /Pizza

Du würdest die Unterhaltung gerne fortsetzen oder kannst ihre / seine Augen nicht vergessen? Vielleicht trifft Ihr Euch hier.
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Markus looking for the Girl from Amsterdam/luggage /Pizza

Beitrag von Kater70 » Mi 6. Jul 2011, 11:42

Hey ;) ,

in case you read this, I would be very pleasesd, if you get in Contact.
Me and my two friends ( Taner and Steffi from Harlem), helped you at Sunday night, carrying your bags to the buspoint.On the way we walked a while together and you told me that you will go to the 'Nature One' next and asked me if we come there too.You told me your name ,but sorry, i forgot it.My name is Markus ( from Cologne). I felt very cosy next to you and would have talked longer to you, but then we reached the Buspoint, you offered a piece of your pizza to us and then we went on.After that I worried that I didn't ask you for your number :? , so now I try to contact you in this way. :idea: It might be the only chance. I still have this feeling that you are a very special person, and if you read this we can perhaps do something together in futuretime.
O.k.,I hope you do well and to hear of you soon,
big Hugs, :)

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Re: Markus looking for the Girl from Amsterdam/luggage /Piz

Beitrag von bonny » Fr 22. Jul 2011, 12:29

Hee Markus,
how nice to hear from you! I just saw you're message, really nice! But how are you? Missing Fusion allready? I'm not going to Nature One by the way, maybe you mean Nachtdigital? Are you going there?
Hope you're doing well, xx Bonny